And so we're done with the first week of Mythic in Antorus finishing with 6/11 bosses killed putting us at a world ranking of 155. Pretty solid for a first week considering we spent half a day of our normal 3 day schedule for splits as well! We did extremely well on Imonar with only 12 wipes in total, so great job on that! We had some really solid tries on Kin'garoth but we still need to execute it quite a bit better and minimize our mistakes, which I have full confidence that we can do next week.

Lastly I want to thank the people that helped me out this week with tactics and other preparation things. As most of you may know I just started working which has reduced the amount of free time I have drastically. This means that I haven't had the time to prepare in the way you guys are used to, so I thank you for your patience and understanding with that. It is my intention to be able to prepare much more for the rest of progression and I hope to be back to posting tactics and rosters in time!

I wanted to take a screenshot for Imonar but I forgot and nobody reminded me so I don't have any nice screenshot for you in this post! <3

Great Love and Regards,