Welcome to the guild rules for Competence Optional!

Guild Rules

1. Be the best version of yourself. Show respect to both yourself and the people around you. Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated. We will not tolerate trash talking, flaming or other personal attacks. If you feel unfairly treated by someone in the guild we urge you to contact our officers and we will do our best to solve any and all problems. Please do not start drama in guild or raid chat, it rarely ends well.

2. Be able to give and receive criticism with grace. When you mess up, try your best to listen to the feedback given and realize it’s okay to make a mistake; we just ask that you take in the criticism and learn from yourself and others so as to not repeat those mistakes.
Keep in mind the responsibility that comes with giving criticism to others. We do not do personal attacks of any kind. Think about what you want to say and how to get that message across in a constructive manner. Give clear reasoning and provide a potential solution. If you feel ignored or otherwise wronged, contact one of the officers instead of escalating it to a flame war.

3. Our goal concerning trial periods is for it to last for a maximum of 4 weeks. Keep in mind we evaluate trials individually and if we feel we need more time you will be notified. All trials should strive to attend as many raids as possible during their trial period to give the officers a chance to get a good look at you and your capabilities.

Raid Rules

Raid times: 20:00 - 23:30 | Monday, Wednesday, Sunday

1. We expect everyone to be fully prepared for each raid. This means bringing the best available consumables, enchants and gems. Be the best you can be.

2. Adding on to the first rule, everyone should do their absolute best to be online at least 15 minutes before raid start. So when the raid starts you have sorted everything regarding addons, preparations and otherwise unforeseen problems. We want to pull the boss at 20:00 and preferably start trash earlier than that.

3. There will be a break during each raid lasting 10 minutes about halfway into the night. It is unacceptable to go AFK at any other points during the raid. This includes during trash clear or wipes. There will, of course, be exceptions (i.e bathroom breaks) as long as you inform an officer.

4. If you are unable to attend a raid or expect to arrive late, we require you to create a post in our AFK channel on the discord telling us why and how long you will be gone.

5. Boss strategies will be posted in our Raid forums. Read the tactics laid out for you before showing up to raids. Simply watching Fatboss videos is not enough unless stated. We encourage discussion in these threads to evolve our tactics. Use the raiding channel in discord for discussion before bosses as well.

6. If you underperform on a boss we might bench you and replace you with someone waiting on standby. You may also be benched if another class on standby is better suited for our current fight, unless you can swap class (to a character with sufficient gear) yourself.

7. Whilst on standby we should be able to reach you with minimal effort. If you are needed in the raid you should be able to get in-game within a reasonable amount of time.

Loot Rules

1. Since we run a Loot Council in the guild we want to be as transparent as we can be, as such we encourage everyone to contact the Loot Master if you take issue with how loot is distributed or otherwise handled. Speak your mind and it will be sorted. We strive to have as little drama regarding loot as possible so we ask that you do not bring it up in raid or guild chat.

2. All tradeable gear will be dealt out by the loot council.

3. Loot will be provided with the following priority: Raider > Trial > Alt > Social.

4. While Trials are lower priority than Raiders, trials will still get loot if it's a great upgrade for them and we are feeling good about their chances of passing their trials.

5. BoEs are rolled for Mainspec then if nobody needs it, it gets sold.

Required Addons

Exorsus Raid Tools
Angry Assignments (Healers only)
Your boss mod of choice.