After a long period of progress, Jaina finally falls! Was a really great night of progress leading up to the kill, so good job everyone! Now farm begins anew on Wednesday, and we start working towards Crucible of Storms in a few weeks!

Kill video should be up in the coming days. Meanwhile you can find the kill picture below!

- Ellara

8/9M - Blockade Broken!

Ellara posted Feb 18, 19

To top of an amazing week for the guild we also see Blockade fall! Great job to everyone! Kill videos for the three missing bosses will come over the next few weeks. For now we go back to farm on Wed then we set our sights on Jaina progression to end the tier with a strong finish!

Kill videos

Ellara posted Feb 17, 19

As promised, below you can find our kill videos of Opulence and Conclave. The rest will follow soon!

7/9M - Kill Pictures!

Ellara posted Feb 15, 19

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates on the website! After just over 2 weeks of Mythic we are now sitting at 7 bosses killed with two to go, setting our sights on Stormwind Blockade as our next goal. As is tradition we forgot kill pictures of the first three bosses but below you can find our kill pics for the rest! Videos will follow during this weekend and the comings weeks, starting at Opulence!

8/8M - Want you G'huun

Ellara posted Oct 25, 18

G'huun falls and puts us at a world ranking of 172. Great job everyone, not bad all things considered after this tier. Now farm will start then we start looking towards 8.1 and Battle of Dazar'alor!

Kill video below!