2/8 M - Taloc Kill Video

Ellara posted Sat at 16:21

Mythic Taloc and MOTHER falls the first raid, followed by a day of splits.

Naturally we forgot to take a kill picture on Mother, but I above is the picture for Taloc! Now we set our sights on Zek'voz for Sunday.

Below is the kill video for Taloc Mythic. Mother will follow soon!

Titanslayers - 11/11M

Ellara posted Feb 15, 18

And after a long and hard progress Argus finally falls down! I want to extend a big thank you to everyone involved for dealing with all the bugs, chains rng and roster issues happening during our progress. It was a tough ride but we came out on the other side stronger for it and even more motivated to push on towards and during BfA.

Kill video:

Much Love,
 - Ellara

Aggramar down! - 10/11M

Ellara posted Jan 16, 18

Grats on killing Aggramar last Sunday everyone! Now we set our sight on Argus the coming weeks.

Video below:

Mythic Coven Kill video!

Ellara posted Dec 28, 17

Kill video for Coven found below. Well done guys! =)

And so there's only two bosses left in this tier. Aggramar is going to be a project for after christmas though I'm afraid since we are going on a small winter break and won't be raiding the 24th/25th and the 31st. Kill picture and kill video of Coven will be out in the coming week although below you can find our kill video for Varimathras!

I wish you all a very merry christmas and a happy new year!