8/8M - Want you G'huun

Ellara posted Oct 25, 18

G'huun falls and puts us at a world ranking of 172. Great job everyone, not bad all things considered after this tier. Now farm will start then we start looking towards 8.1 and Battle of Dazar'alor!

Kill video below!

7/8M - Mythrax down!

Ellara posted Oct 9, 18

And after an absolutely incredible effort yesterday Mythrax becomes the latest boss to fall! Awesome job on the kill guys. Now we set our sights on G'huun for a strong finish to this tier.

Kill video:

Doni Covered up again #gobbolife

And just like that Zul falls after an amazing raid yesterday! Turns out being able to bring 5 rogues makes the fight very easy. :)

Kill video below:

And the doggo falls as well as we climb the rankings! Zul is well under way, as everyone relogs their rogue alts, and should be dying soon as well.

Kill video below:

Last Monday we killed Vectis and the screenshot is above. Now the big doggo is next!

The Zek'voz and Vectis kill videos can be found below: